Car Sandwich...

In case you've been wondering why I haven't posted in over a week...I've been recovering from being a car sandwich. I was involved in pretty yucky car accident on Tuesday night and am just now getting back to life as I am accustomed.
I was traveling along on GA400, minding my own business, bebopping along to the radio, on the way to Aunt Paula's house when I looked into my rear view window and thought "that car is coming along awfully....." BOOM! I was hit by a Land Rover which plowed me into the truck in front of me.
My seat broke so I ended up laying down in the car with glass from the back windshield all over me, and more embarassingly, my legs up on the dashboard. At the time it wasn't embarassing...but later all I could do was thank God I didn't have a skirt on (lol). It was so bizarre. All I remember thinking was "what's going on here? I didn't do anything."
After finally figuring out that my legs were in the wrong spot I finally managed to get out of the car...only to discover I was bleeding pretty badly. Luckily, the guy I hit was pretty calm and handed me a shirt to stop the bleeding while he tried to figure where exactly I was bleeding from. It was only a split lip, but it sure did bleed a lot. Anyhoo - the three of us, the lady that hit me, me and the guy I hit were definately a motley crew....
The woman who hit me was pregnant, (not visibly). Once we figured out that I wasn't going to bleed to death, she announced that she was having stomach pains and we had her sit down while we waited on the police to arrive. Once they arrived, they took her back to her car and had her lay down. I was sitting on the siderail watching in case anything happened that I could blog (just kidding, although I wished I had a camera so I could scrapbook the pictures, hehehe). The EMT's and fire department and my cousin Dwayne (THE guy to call when in an accident as he knows all of the Roswell emergency workers) arrived and pretty soon the guy I hit was being arrested for driving with a suspended license. Poor guy, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!
So - all of our cars were towed away and the lady who hit me went along to the hospital, the man I hit went along to jail and I went along to Aunt Paula's house. Whew.
I've been terribly sore and pretty much an emotional wreck. Here's a big thank you to Dwayne (ever so calm and helpful), Aunt Paula, Lisa and Cathy (and everyone else who called to check on me) for making sure I was okay...even when I didn't want help. I couldn't have recovered without you.
So, it's Sunday afternoon and I am starting to feel human again. I'll finally be back to work tomorrow and will begin the process of looking for a new car (Allstate has pretty much told me that the car is totalled). Wish me luck!
I did end up with a couple of photos of the car after I had to go to the tow yard and clean out my stuff. I'm having trouble getting the card reader to work, but when I get it figured out, I'll post.
Tata for now!


  1. laurel1:39 PM

    So glad you are back in the land of the living. I still can't stop getting a visual of you with your feet on the dash. ;-)

  2. PTL you are alright! I feel so out of the loop! I hope you are still coming to crop on Saturday. WOWZERS Chica! Good luck on finding a new car as well. THINK CONSERVATION! LOL


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