Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!  I found a couple of layouts this weekend that I guess I never shared here.  Both are a different style than what I typically do, but experimenting is always good! And apparently I'm all about saying "hello" :) 


Thrilling Thursday

I've been learning this. Even when you don't feel like anything has changed.  Every day is new.


Celebrate Dreams

I haven't fallen off the scrapbooking wagon completely.  I was organizing my patterned paper and had this photo off to the side from another project.  And suddenly, I was making a page!  The patterned paper just seemed to speak to me.  I particularly liked painting those wood veneer letters to work with the other colors...and you know I can't resist a good polka-dot! :)


Art Journaling: When It's Not Pretty

Work, sleep, repeat.  There have been lots of days I get home and am ready for bed with no energy for being creative.  That combined with some pretty gnarly emotional stuff is definitely affecting what I create and my art journal is getting a little gnarly.  It feels dark and not necessarily pretty all of the time.  But that's the whole purpose of art journaling, isn't it?

I have discovered that with this larger journal, I much prefer to only use the right page, with the left page reserved for a little extra pattern, mask tests and notes.


Close up of the previous page.

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Currently: October Edition

READING: a new Robin Carr book and Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds. I’ve been reading both for a couple of weeks now, which is pretty unusual.  I’ve become a slow reader.  It’s kind of driving me crazy. 

WONDERING: what the  future holds.  Best laid plans don’t always work the way you think they will.  Believing that just because I’m wondering what things will be like, doesn’t mean that it won’t be wonderful.

FEELING THANKFUL: for a lot.  For peace of mind.  For good health and less pain.  For family and friends.

EATING: salad and chicken and more fish.  Except it’s getting cold, which means salad becomes unpleasant.  Will have to come up with another idea soon.

WATCHING: fall tv.  Except I’m realizing that the majority of the new shows just aren’t my thing.  So, I’ll stick to the old tried and true.  And when I need something different, I’ll look for a new BBC show. 

WORKING ON: my company’s new website.  It has taken over my time and thoughts.  It will be soooo good, though.  Fingers crossed.  And Christmas cards for a card drive for the elderly. 

LOVING: that it is Fall, my favorite time of year.

ATTEMPTING: to change my expectations, or at least my thought process about them.   

WANTING: Sweaters and boots.  I’ve picked out my new boots, just have to pull the trigger.  Also, I’m wanting just a little pep in my step!  Need more energy!

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Thrilling Thursday

And, we are going to ease on back to this blogging thing.  Starting today. :)  There is an awful lot about this picture I love.  But the best thing is that brick wall!



No More Pressure!

My nine to five job has become more and more demanding and that along with a professional organization I’ve become pretty active in has decreased my free time quite a bit.  That career that I never really planning on having?  It’s happening, peeps.  I’m learning that life never really works the way you think it will.  And I can kick and scream about it or I can gracefully take advantage of the opportunities given to me and make the best and most of it.  Granted, I have to remind myself to be graceful daily!

So, all that work and learning and training myself to be more disciplined and focused on the important tasks is happening a lot.  And other, more creative things have been neglected.  I’ve really been struggling with that neglect over the past few months.  It feels wrong and like I’ve given up on a major dream.  I’ve only recently figured out that I haven’t given up – I’m just in a season where I’m focused on something else.  And that is okay.  Again, reminding myself of that daily.    Over the past few months, I’ve handed the reins of Craft Storage Ideas over to its new owners.   And just last week made the decision to step down from the two design teams I’ve been a part of.  That neglect I talked about?  It created a lot of guilt and a lot of exhausting self-talk about letting my teams down.  And I’ve had enough of that.  I want to be focused on work when I need to be and have fun when I am not focused on work.  So, no more pressure!    I’ve let myself off of the hook and hope that maybe in a little bit I’ll have that creative spark again. 

And even while all that’s been going on this summer has been full of some really amazing moments.  I posted this quote on Facebook a little while ago and it really is true (except the chocolate part…can we substitute “eating a piece of really good toast” for “eating a square of chocolate” J:

“…I really believe that happiness is a collection of small, pleasurable experiences, like buying flowers or eating a square of chocolate. I try to have a few of these moments every day.” – Anne-Marie Slaughter

I’ll be back soon to share some of those moments.