Christmas Decorations

I really don’t have fantastic Christmas decorations.  Well, I have a teensy little tree (I think it is three feet tall) that I’ve put up almost every year for the past ten years or so.  I have a beautiful little nativity set that my mom bought for me when she lived in Germany, and a small silver tree with tiny little ornaments from my childhood.
There are a few little odds and ends, a box of ornaments from my childhood that may or may not get used, a string of lights and that’s about it.  

I’ve always put off buying a bigger tree and different ornaments/decorations.  When I started thinking about it last week, I couldn’t figure out why, except that I was waiting.  Waiting for what?  Probably a bigger house, a husband, kids.  I know for several years I moved around a bit, so the idea of moving a bunch of Christmas decorations didn’t sound like fun.  I’m tired of waiting.  So, I made a plan.  It probably won’t happen this year, but I’m going to be shopping those after Christmas sales for sure.  Next year, it’s on. 

I’ve “inherited” my Mom’s Spode Christmas dishes.  Inherited in quotes, because she’s alive and kicking.  But a couple of years ago when she made the great move up north, she passed them along.  While there aren’t full place settings, there are several serving dishes and I think they make a great starting point.  I’m going simple and classic.

Not a bad start, huh?  I'm on the fence about the two different green bulbs, and if I do the pom-pom garland, I wouldn't include white.  We will see.  I've always loved mercury glass and can't help but to include them on my wish list.  Whether I'll find the ornaments or trees at a price I won't balk at (those shown here are from Pottery Barn) will be the trick.  The star tree topper may be too rustic, but I liked how unique it was.  And I'll need a tree skirt.  

First up, find that tree.  In the little bit of shopping around I've done for an artificial tree, I've discovered I'm pretty particular about how it looks, which means a higher price.  So, it may very well be an after-Christmas sale event.  We will see!

Edited to Add

Ya'll  - I just stumbled upon these two things on super clearance from West Elm.  $13 per strand for the pom-pom strands (which is about half price for what I've been able to find and those I would have to sew together myself) and $15 for the star.

What do you think?

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