Celebrating Thirty-Six

Tomorrow is the day I turn 37.  I have very mixed-feelings about it.  I know 37 is young.  But this year, especially, I feel old.    It’s also a good time to do some reflecting.  It’s been a big year! 
  1. I began to take better care of myself.  It wasn’t necessarily “eat ALLLLL the vegetables and work out constantly”, but more like a quiet listening to myself and my body.
  2. I watched others slide down a big slide.  And longed for the rush of adrenaline and to feel the wind in my hair.  And then safely walked down the stairs.
  3. I took a trip to a place I’ve never been. 
  4. I stood in awe of a finished project for work.  And felt pride.
  5. I struggled to express myself through art.  Most of the time it was ugly and harsh, but every once in  a while I got a glimpse of beauty.
  6. I pushed my body to the yoga mat.  Even though that body doesn’t fit into the typical yoga pose, I did it.  And when I don’t practice, I yearn to feel the stretch and pull.
  7. I realized that even though I don’t always feel passionate about my work, it is good.  And also that finding that spark is important.
  8. I reveled in the magic of a bloom, it’s intricate petals unfolding.
  9. I experienced the warmth that only comes from a fireplace, and the comfort of sitting curled up with my hands wrapped around a mug of hot coffee.
  10. I drove in the snow and only was only a leeeeetle scared.
  11. I remembered that the best of friends don’t have to see each other day.  It can even be years, and still, that friendship doesn’t fade.
  12. I walked on a sea of ice and took a sleigh ride.
  13. I marveled at the detail of the tiniest of snowflakes and couldn’t help but think about God.
  14. I wore pants that matched my nail polish.
  15. I fought the good (and bad) fight against turning around and running toward what I knew was comfortable, even if it was painful.  Not always successfully.  Even today, not successfully. But I tried.
  16. I played with watercolors
  17. I discovered that work friends can also be real friends.
  18. Gin and tonic with lots of lime is my drink of choice.
  19. I shook off the nerves of more networking events than I can count.  Sometimes it worked.
  20. I bought a house.  A forever home.  A dream that if I’m honest, I never imaged would actually come true.
  21. I started having to wear glasses to work on the computer.
  22. I struggled with God.  With believing.  With faith.
  23. I marked high tea off of my bucket list.
  24. I broke my ankle (well, a tendon).
  25. I moved.
  26. I still think Zaxby’s is still the bomb.  And extra crispy fries are a requirement.
  27. I celebrated.
  28. I paid a mortgage and winced. And then reminded myself that it is so, so worth it.
  29. I cried because I was lonely.
  30. I celebrated new babies (not mine!)
  31. I joined a book club.
  32. I discovered I love cooking.
  33. I shot a gun
  34. I was completely surprised by my Momma.
  35. I stuck my toes in the sand and walked along the beach in the moonlight.
  36. I entertained.  For the first time, in my own home.  With cheese and fruit and wine, and places for people to sit.  (It’s a big deal, people!)
Let's see what thirty-seven brings!

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  1. Happy birthday my beautiful friend. 🎂🎂🎉🎉


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