Busy Saturday

It's been a busy Saturday. I had to leave the house at 8 am this morning to go to a meeting at the church for the children's ministry. It's 6:30 - and I haven't been home yet. My good friends Tim and Cyndy are having their annual halloween party tonight and I have to make an appearance. The idea of having to put on a costume....not very appealing. I've never been a costumey kind of girl. But I've begged and borrowed and will at least be in costume - even if it's not an original costume.
I've been at Chris and Misti's this afternoon visiting baby Jonathan. He's quite adorable and very peaceful. I was just looking at pictures and there was one with his faced all squished and he had funny little grin on his face. I made the HUGE mistake of laughingly calling him a dork. (For those of you who are close friends - this is a term of affection I use often). It did not go over well with the grandparents - let me tell you. If anything, that "dorky" looking picture makes me love him even more, it was not derogetory by any means. My sincere apologies to the grandparents.
Tomorrow will be busy with packing and finishing painting a bookshelf. And hopefully a little bit of down time. We'll see.
I'm in a bit of a creative funk - I want to scrapbook, but everything is not in it's place, my scrap bag is a absolute mess and I just don't have any ideas. Hopefully after the move, I can get back into the swing of things. I do need to come up with some little project for next weekend. Our scrappin' friend Kimberly has invited us to her house for the day next saturday. I'm looking forward to spending time at her place.
Hmmmm - I just realized that I probably need to come up with something to do for Christmas cards. AAAAACCCCKKKK. Running away from the computer quickly in a panic...................

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  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Hey, if you bring your books I'll bring mine for Saturday. I need ideas too.

    Did you get your to do list done? Do you need any help this Sunday or next Saturday? I'm available.


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