What a Beautiful Weeekend!

It has been absolutely beautiful this weekend! Sunny, warm, the beginning of spring. It has been relaxing and getting lots done. Having Aunt Paula's microwave installed, doing the punch list for the sunroom, looking at blinds at Lowes, getting my computer cleaned up, driving in the car with my sunroof and windows open, volunteering with the babies at church, listening to a wonderful message, taking a NAP, etc, etc, etc. My next trick is putting laundry away and making two "welcome baby" cards and a wedding shower card.

All of this wonderfulness only slightly spoiled by the traffic citation I got from one of our loverly Roswell police department. Argh. Failure to stop at a stop sign. I don't think so - I'm innocent!!!!! Poor Misti - she called in the middle of the whole thing and got the brunt of my angst. I guess I'll be going to court in April. Whoo.

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