The Long Awaited Update

Okay, let's see.  Things have been crazy (what else is new, right?), but I'm going to try and get it all here. 


The last time I posted, I was busily getting ready for our scrappin' weekend.  I wish we had taken a picture of the spectacular Jeep packing job.  Who knew it would take so much stuff to entertain two people for a few days.  The Jeep only held mine and Laurel's stuff.  There certainly was no room left for Misti and Lisa.  


The weekend was absolutely lovely.  Not productive on the scrapbooking area, but in hindsight I'm of the thought that we all needed that weekend more for the relaxation than the scrapping.  Check out Laurel's blog for a picture of us in front of the "skinny" frig.  They really should market that as an amenity!   You don't get food out of the refrigerator because you are too busy looking at yourself in the reflection J  Really, our eating habits were not hindered.  I think all of us have sworn to never eat so much again….


Right before we left for our trip, I found out that my Mom (Ellen, eMo, Grandmother) was moving back to the states.  After 5 years or so, her social security benefits had to be sorted out and living off of the German economy made it very complicated. So, back to Atlanta she came.  No job, no car, no furniture.  She amazes me.  She's been completely graceful throughout the whole thing. Four days after arriving in Atlanta, she had a job interview and was offered the job in the middle of the interview.  Her first day was today – I haven't heard from her yet, but I'm sure she will handle the entire situation with the same grace and dignity she has always projected.


So, she's living with me for the moment, but the great apartment search begins tomorrow.  Her office is right smack dab in the middle of Decatur, so she's looking for something very close.  We'll deal with the car situation after that.  Whew.


I was a little disappointed that Mom was moving back to the states because it meant no more exotic European vacations.  And then I remembered I have a brother in a very exotic locale.  So, I'm planning my next trip to Australia!  I am starting to get super excited.  I'll be going for two weeks at the end of September/beginning of October.  This is the first ever two week vacation I have taken and certainly the farthest I have traveled.  I think Allen might be even more excited than I am….which is pretty amazing!  I'm thinking I might need to invest in a digital camera.  I am using Michael and Lisa's old camera at the moment and while it is totally adequate, this trip might just call for a Canon Rebel.  Hehehehe.  I haven't even considered buying one until now, but it just seems like a good opportunity, besides, I can use it for scrapbooking.


Speaking of scrapbooking (did you like that segue? That was pretty smooth, if I may say so myself), I've been pretty slow in that department.  I've noticed I have a hard time being creative when so much is going on.  Not necessarily because of time, but because it so hard to turn my thoughts off and think about the creative stuff.  This weekend, though, I started to have the urge to sit down and scrap.  It'll happen soon!  I do have two books I've finished and will post those soon.  They just need to be edited.


Alright.  I think that's it.  If you knew all of the above and still read this far….you sure are a good friend!  For those of you who didn't know all of this and read this far….thanks for taking the time…'re a good friend too!


Be back soon!


  1. Hey girl, I still have my Sony CyberShot that I used in Paris if you'd like to borrow it. Might even give it to you since I don't reall need it.

  2. Thanks for the update. Australia is wonderful. Winter there now....I guess you will be there for their Spring?


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