Long time no blog...

It definately has been a long time! There sure has been a lot going on! Right at this moment I'm standing at the arrivals spot at the airport waiting for Mom to get to the top of the escalator. She's not just coming for a visit - she's actually moving back to Atlanta. Big news-huh? After they arrive, we're headed to El Matador for a welcome home party! She'll be here any second...more later!


  1. I had a great time at dinner! I'm glad your momma's back. ;o) See you in the morning! You'd better take good care of the boy! LOL

  2. I know you are happy your Mom is home. I feel so OUT OF THE LOOP with you gals! WAH! yepper, I am having a PITY PARTY!

  3. talk about out of the loop....

    here I am ...



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