New Scrapbooking Tools

Laurel and I discovered a new scrapbooking use for a old run-of-the mill tool this weekend!  I was busily sanding away on this chipboard album – wearing out all of my sanding blocks when we got to thinking…and came up with the idea to use the Dremel!  It works like a charm! 


I'm taking a. online class with Jessica Sprague called "Up and Running".  It's all about Photoshop and started yesterday.  As soon as I complete the first assignment I'll post it here.  I'm excited to learn more about Photoshop (which I use a lot at work – with some difficulty) and to be able to apply it to scrapbooking.  Jessica has a easy way of teaching and I'm lovin' it!


  1. I have used my DH's dremmel before. Pretty cool. You can also use some of the pointier tips for engraving into chipboard and it is cool to distress the engraving or paint.

  2. That's a mighty pretty album you have started there. ;-)


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