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Okay, okay – I've been lax in the blog thing.  Mostly because of moving and getting the internet up and running, but once I got the kinks worked  I was all excited to post, and then got completely wrapped up in "cultural" things.  I say "cultural" loosely as it involves celebrities and music and Britney Spears.  Poor thing.  Last night the VMA's were on and I was watching while doing stuff around the house.  Brit-Brit completely bombed on the show!  She really needed to do something to help herself…and everyone thought this would be it.  And she flopped – and I mean really flopped.   Between the lip syncing and looking like she was on some kind of recreational drug, it was bad.  I am entirely too involved in celebrity gossip.  I know….


This week is all about getting the scrap stuff organized.  I am going to take a before photo of my scrap space tonight, then post the new improved space once I get my shelves from IKEA and some artwork on the wall.  I am super excited.  And then I can actually begin to use my scrap table as something other than a place to deposit junk!  I can't wait.    Anyone have some good artwork ideas?


Not many more days until it's time to go to Australia!  Yay!

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  1. We love IKEA, oh yes we do! Can't wait to see it all done up.


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