Weekend Update

I'm in the throes of finishing up entries for the Memory Makers contest.  There, I said it.  I guess now I officially have to actually submit my entry and do all of the follow thru.  You all are my accountability on this one.  I had originally thought that the due date was in May, but it's not until July.  But I'm not stopping.  Momentum is good.  Remind me that I have to keep doing this, okay?  Unfortunately, I won't be able to actually post the layouts I'm working on for this – at least not until after they announce the winners.


This past weekend was busy, but a blast.  Visiting with Mom (fresh from Panama), Terri, Jan and Lana Friday afternoon, scrappin' with Laurel and Sandy (with a drive-by by Stephanie), shopping at Hobby Lobby, church on Sunday, a good movie  (The Kite Runner) on Sunday afternoon and a little sofa time. 


I do have to admit that I have become more than a little addicted to the television series Farscape.  When I visited Allen in Australia, we watched the entire first season and a few episodes of the 2nd season.  I'm methodically making my way through the rest of it.  It's crazy sci-fi, but oh so good.  I'm starting to mourn the end of the series already.  Whatever will I watch when this is finished???  Any suggestions?


On the television front, Big Brother is finished, and the Survivor finale is Sunday.  Boo-hoo.   I'm already counting the days to the beginning of the next season of Big Brother on July 13th. 


Talk to you soon!

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  1. I was sucked into Farscape at one point too. Haven't gone as far as catching up on the missed episodes though. You might like Torchwood. Kind of funky like Farscape.


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