C'est la vie...

I have a "project" problem. No matter how hard I try, I always have to have at least one and preferably ten going on at one time. One such of those projects is the "photo scanning for posterity sake" project. I have all of these old photos that have no digital copy, and most of them don't even have negatives. It's important to me to preserve them by scanning, even if they never make it into scrapbooking pages. And also important that eventually, they all make it into an album so that our family can look through them. Right now, they reside in a big plastic bin and a few photo sorting boxes. I am ashamed to say, the plastic bin has been in a storage unit for the past 7 years and who knows where it was before then. Probably in our basement. So, now I'm trying to organize and decide if it will cost more, timewise and financially, to send them off to be scanned by a professional company or scan them myself. It seems more economical to scan them myself at a 600 dpi, but in the past couple of weeks I've been doing some "practice" scans and boy howdy, does it take a long time for each photo. I have more time than money, but if I decide to scan everything, I will have to sacrifice other things that I already spend a lot of time on. And I'm not sure it's worth sacrificing other things that are just as important. So, I've started shopping around for a professional company that has good reviews that I might potentially send everything out to. It's a quandary… one I'm sure everyone has an opinion on. Do you have any suggestions?

Meanwhile, as I've been looking through all of the photos, I find I've become fascinated with what in the past have been just old family photos. It surely has to do with developing as a scrapbooker, but I just can't stand to see a photo and then have to wonder what the background story is. I want to know! Unfortunately, some stories will just have to remain untold, but I'll do my best to fill in the blanks where I can.

The picture above is one I took on a whirlwind trip to Paris. This park is right next to the Eiffel Tower and specifically remember taking the photo because I fell in love with that big ol' dog. It reminds me of Nana from Peter Pan. And I loved thinking that it must come to that park every day with his or her owner. In retrospect, I wish I'd gotten a closer picture, or petted it or talked to his or her owner…but c'est la vie. Hehe. Sorry, I just had to get that in there since we're talking about Paris! J

More soon!

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  1. I forget how many pictures you said you have and how much that one company you were looking at. Haven't seen any good online reviews of companies but this one is 27 cents per at 600dpi.


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