Love Letters to a Stranger

One of my newly found photos of my Dad. I personally think he was a handsome guy, even if his ears did stick out! J The most fascinating thing about this group of photos is that about ten of them have little love notes on the back. And they aren’t written to my mother! Luckily, these were all taken, as best we can tell, before she met him. Now the question is...who is "Sweet Patches?" How long did they go out? Why did they break up? The list could go on forever!


  1. hummm.... I have heard about this one, and she had a name. Unfortuantly I cant seem to pull it out of the dark recesses of my brain, I just cant seem to access it at the moment, this kind of info must have been pushed out cause it just wasnt important at the time.

  2. Neat photograph. I see how Allen favors your dad.


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