Yippee, Yay and Whoohoo!

Things are moving right along on the Boyer frontier. 


My bestest brother Allen is going to be in the US in October! Yiipppeeee!  I am so excited.  It's been less than a year since I visited him in Australia, but I am still so excited to give him a great big hug!


My mom got a new car this weekend.  She seems to be pretty excited.  And this means that she is one step closer to moving, which means she is one step closer to being officially "retired".  Yay!


I've got a little over a month until my vacation.  I can hardly wait.  And between now and then, a big birthday!  I'm excited about the plans that are being made.


Quickie post – but it's been a while, so something has to be better than nothing!


More soon!

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