The Australian

My 'Australian' brother is stateside!  It's pretty funny how we haven't even seen him yet and won't for a couple of days, but he feels closer already.  Thanks to Marie for letting him come visit :)  We appreciate it!


I'm still recovering from the ickies - feeling good, but my throat not cooperating during the healing process.  One minute I have a voice, and the next not so much.   Recovered enough, though, to be excited about scrappin' on Saturday.  Laurel has kindly invited us all to her house for a day of creativity!  I can't wait.  Now, to decide what I'm working on….I've got so many fun ideas rolling around in my head, I can't make a decision!


Will I work on Christmas presents?  Or Christmas cards?  Or layouts? Or cards?  Or……AAAACCKKK!!  What a wonderful dillema! 


Talk to you soon!


  1. Might not be a bad thing if you can't talk on Saturday. Oh, my! Did I just say that? Just couldn't resist after you left that opening. ;-)

  2. You've been tagged! Go to my blog for instructions.


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