No more regrets...or guilt for that matter!

        "There are two kinds of pain – the short-term pain of discipline and the long-term pain of regret."



That line has stuck with me all week.   Pastor Kevin talked about health and fitness at church on Sunday.  It's a first for me.  Honestly, when was the last time it was addressed in a church?  I have to be completely honest, I was taken aback when I realized what the topic was going to be, and even more, filled with trepidation.  But in the end, it was completely appropriate, and completely God sent.  Anyway…the line above has been in my head all week.  And it doesn't just apply to food or exercise.


More than anything, it's about changing our habitual responses.  My desire to yell in the direction of the car that cut me off on the highway…spending money on something that doesn't hold value, or isn't necessary…eating dessert just because it's available and not because I really want it…not holding my tongue when someone hurts me.  The potential regret that comes from those responses is massive…much more than the need to purchase, eat or feel vindicated. 


I refuse to live a life full of regret and guilt. There…I said it!


On another note….my brother will be here in 11 days…or in 10 sleeps (depending on how you count!).  Whoohoo!  Can't wait!


Oh, and Kolette's class at Big Picture Scrapbooking has begun!  I'm excited!


  1. psssttt....

    not sure wher it comes from... but... Boyer/Grubbs mix seems to equate to Regret and Guilt...

    I seem to live with a Guiltplex!


  2. It is true - the regret/guiltplex Allen mentioned is probably genetic. But look at it this way - so is the ability, and willingness, to look life square in the face and say NO MORE! I am so proud of my children.


  3. I like that quote. In my humble opinion guilt is a useless emotion. It is only any good if you use it to spur you to action and get beyond it. The word guilt seems to invite wallowing in it but it can be turned into a productive thing by using it to inspire change. Ask forgiveness, receive forgiveness, and move on.


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