Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Where do I begin to explain where I've been in December. Well, mostly working and spending time with family and being at home. Mixed in with multiple layoffs at my place of employment, pay cuts and a pretty life-changing decision. How's that for an explanation?!!

I still have a job, which is a wonderful thing. But my company is making some drastic changes in the hopes of weathering the economic storm of 2009. And that includes asking current employees to take a pay cut and start working only 4 days a week. For me, that meant taking a good hard look at my financial situation and realizing very quickly, that with the pay cut, I just couldn't swing staying by myself in an apartment. So, I will be moving to my Mom's apartment in Roswell. In *gulp* 17 days. What started out something that felt a little like doomsday on my part, has miraculously worked itself out and will probably, in the long run, benefit both me and Mom greatly. But, it means big change for all involved…and that's been taking up all of my spare time, both physically and emotionally.

So, bear with me until after the 17th. Posts could be sporadic or daily. Time will tell.

On that note, though, a four day work week gives a HUGE opportunity to be crafty. And blog, and work on the kazillion projects I've been wanting to but haven't had the time. Once the dust settles, I think it's going to be a great thing!

It's New Year's Eve. I'm at work (shhhhh - don't tell anyone I blogged), with about a thousand things to do, but all I really want to do is surf the web for photos of Sydney harbour celebrating New Years. My brother was on one of those boats in the harbour. And man, do I wish I'd been there with him!

Have a safe and wondrous day!

Photo By Mark Kolbe, Getty Images

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  1. The boat in the harbour in Sydney on new years eve was fantastic!!!!
    I tried to get some pictures but with the rocking of the boat, and of course in the darkness, they didnt turn out too well... I will send you some though..



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