Please H.E.L.P. me....

I have serious committment issues when it comes to bedding. Serious. Let's just say, I have been looking for the perfect bedding since 1996. Seriously. And I.Have.Never.Found.It.

I don't think it's because I actually haven't ever found it. I think it's because I have some kind of issue with committing to bedding. In my head I know I am not making a life-long decision, but it sure feels that way. So, I need help. I also have a gift card to Pottery Barn that is burning a hole in my pocket and I am determined to use it on bedding. Take a gander at the bedding. Tell me what you like. I need to know!!!

I currently have a black and white theme going. Which I really like. But, I need some color. But I'd still like for it have black and white in it so I can use pieces from what I already have at home.

I like this one ...but it's almost sold out. Should I take that as a sign?

I really like this one

What about this one? Too plain?

And this one? HELP! I'm taking any and all advice!


  1. Hi Rebecca!

    I LOVE the first one with all the different colors -- that one is so you!


  2. I really like the orange one. You can add splashes of color to it and keep it fresh by changing out the accent colors.

  3. I like One and Two the best and probably lean towards the warmer colors in One. I can also see the black and white sections in it better which should go really well with the rest of the black and white theme. Two has a lot of green which is one of my favorite colors but One is more vibrant. Go for it girl!!


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