I've been bitten...

And no, it wasn't by a vampire. :)
I've been bitten by the Facebook bug.  The thing I swore I'd never join.  And it's addictive.  Yikes!  If you read this blog and we aren't already "friends" send me an invite.  I *heart* friends! 
This weekend is going to be pretty low-key.  And I'm looking forward to it.  I'm ready for a little down time and a bit of a regroup.  And to finish up some pesky things on my to-do list.  What abou your? 


  1. Welcome to the new order. It can be way too time consuming and I still like blogs better but it's fun to get in on some of the chatter.

  2. hi Rebecca...please email me at

    i came to visit you and noticed that your banner links to my blog. i can fix it for you or tell you how to do it. i'm not sure why it's doing that. i'm so sorry! i probably missed it when changing out links (i used my old code then modified it to fit your blog).


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