Sunday Brunch

A good friend, Cvetelina, and I have been talking about going to Sunday brunch. I think we've both determined we aren't really brunch people. We like the idea of getting dressed up and going out for a fun meal, but are more inclined to not do it. But, if we were to get a little dressed up and go to brunch, here's what I'd wear.

Ralph Lauren Paula Striped Linen Dress

Tommy Hilfiger Adia Yellow Sandal

Christian Dior Buckle 2 Aviator Sunglasses

Cute, huh? Let's not mention that the bag is a mere $1200 and that I can't wear linen. This is all about dreaming, right?
Wanna join us for brunch? If you do, tell us what you'd wear - and post a comment here!


  1. Oh Rebecca, I love it! Cute shoes! The entire outfit is super cute, but I love yellow, so I am totaly in lvoe with the shoes!

  2. Cute outfit. I looked a couple places but I don't see anything I like. pout.


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