Sitting on a balcony, watching the waves roll in, the breeze is humid, but cool. Joined by the middle nieceling, who just asked me what my favorite part of the day was. And realizing that I can't remember a time when my mind was more clear, where I wasn't distracted, and I could enjoy a very "young", but rather profound conversation without wondering where I was supposed to be next or what I should be doing. Haven't taken a single photo since we arrived. And I had such grand intentions. I actually felt bad for not taking any, but I just came to the conclusion, that enjoying every single moment of this day was more important than the perfect photo.

Renewal is not a word I use. It seems a little hokey (no offense meant to those who use the word's just not normally in my vocabulary). But I think it might be fitting for this week. I'm going to take this time to clear my mind, focus on what my priorities should be. Allow myself to renew on the creative side of thing. Something's been missing, and I've been frustrated in my lack of flow and ingenuity.

We're supposed to be enjoying life every day, not constantly wanting to get to the end of today, so we can get to tomorrow with the hope that tomorrow will be better. I'm tired of living like that.

Enjoy life....more soon!

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