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So, I’m on a new adventure helmed by Dave Ramsey. I’ve heard so many wonderful stories from close friends about how following his Financial Peach University has really made a difference in their lives, I had to jump at the opportunity to take the classes. I do have to admit, it took me a while to be at the “:jump” part. There was a huge part of my brain that screamed that it was too good to be true, a hoax, an emotionally affecting message that didn’t really change the situation, just the mindset. And I did actually have the thought that even though it worked for so many other people, it surely wouldn’t work for me.

As far as money is concerned, it has always been a taboo subject. A conversation to be reserved for only the most dire of situations. And even then, it’s cloaked in mystery and shrouded by embarrassment. And to be honest, any conversation regarding money sends me into embarrassment, panic, agitation, and a general queasiness in the stomach that puts me off my game for several hours. Serious stress. And heaven forbid that conversation involve anyone saying they don’t have money. That sends me into overresponsibility, guilt, and the burden of trying to come up with money for them, or at least the mental responsibility and stress of it all.

And now, thanks to this class, I have to look it straight in the eye. And come to conclusion that the only way things will change is if I change. If I change how I look at money, if I stop being embarrassed, if I stop trying to hide what’s happened in my past, and change how things will be in the future. It’s a heady feeling. Empowering. Frightening. Gut-wrenching.

I have to say I am in far better shape than I have been in years past. Historically bad decisions, family woes, even more bad decisions have affected my life for years. And I’ve paid the piper. And I’ll continue to pay the piper for some time to come. But now, I’ve got hope that eventually the piper will pipe himself right out the door and no longer have control over my life and emotions.

Whew all of this after only 3 weeks (and I even missed a session). I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when it’s all over. Probably more of the same. But I’m so happy to be doing it. Even if it’s a little painful J

Have you attended Financial Peace University? And? Tell all……

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  1. I am very proud of you. It is something that has the ability to change your outlook and give you the "light of hope" that we all need when it comes to money. Good luck on your journey. If you need to make up the class, let me know. I am teaching it again this semester at our Chruch.


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