Happy new year, happy new puppy!

Happy new year!  The first day of the new year is coming to a close and all I can say is, today has been wonderful.  I’ve feel full of hope.  And hope is something I seem to be lacking lately.  To be completely honest, 2009 wasn’t the best year.  I’m ready for a fresh beginning and I have high hopes for 2010.


Meet Cosette, the newest addition to our little family.  She’s a Bichon Frise (pronounced BEE-shon Free-ZAY).  Mom and I have been talking about a puppy for several months to help keep Jan motivated, and I’ve been wanting one for a long time.  We have both been looking and looking for the perfect puppy.  And we’ve finally found her!


She’s eight years old.  Definitely not the puppy that we originally thought we wanted.  After our first 24 hours, the benefits of a not having a puppy are h-u-g-e!  She’s already house-trained.  She’s been lovingly cared for by her previous family and it’s totally evident by her obedience (although she definitely a stubborn girl) and her good behavior.  She can walk out of the room and we don’t have to panic that she’s going to the bathroom in the corner somewhere or chewing up a favorite pair of shoes. 

She really didn’t get comfortable until this evening.  I think we finally got her little bed set up just the way she likes it because she finally curled up and slept for a long time.  She’s just wandered into my bedroom and hopped up on my lap to keep me company while I blog.  Here’s hoping for many more evenings watching a little doggy curled up in front of the fireplace, snoozing away. 

So, having you figured out my One Little Word for 2010?  The verb hope.  “To expect with confidence”.

Happy new year.

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  1. Hey, Rebecca...Not sure how I missed months ago that you, too, were a blogger, but I did.

    Anyway, LUVS the pups! And, here's my best tip for the owner of a white dog: Tetracycline. Comes in a yellow powder, put a pinch in your pups food every morning & it will prevent the dark tear stains that most white dogs have. My vet first started Annie on it when she was about 6 month old. She's been on it for almost 6 years now. (See the post on my blog of "go dog go" to see how clean her snout is.)I bought my last batch - a huge bag that will probably last for years - from an online cattle store. The shipping was 3x the cost of the medicine! (Medicine was like $2.99.)

    Anyway, you have a precious new girl!


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