thrilling thursday

Just a little under a week, I had quite the thrilling experience.  Not only was I at Inspired….I also got to meet her.  Ali singlehandedly changed the way I view scrapbooking and the preservation of memories.  We were walking into the opening “ceremony” at Inspired and as I headed to a table at the back of the room I passed someone who looked oddly familiar.  My heart actually sped up.  So embarrassing.  But, this is a true celebrity in our little crafting world.  And since she so profoundly affected my outlook, even more so for me.  I even called Misti and whispered into the phone like a complete stalker that the Ali Edwards was sitting behind me.  Yikes!  And then I didn’t know what to do.  Luckily, one of the girls we’d met the first day of the event understood (Sarah, you know who you are!) and became a fellow stalker! 

I didn’t know what to say to her and to be honest, I can’t remember what I did say.  I hope I wasn’t a complete dweeb.  I didn’t even think to tell her that I was an advertiser on her blog.  Oh, well. 

Isn’t Anna (her baby girl) just the cutest.  Although I think she was tired of having her photo taken.

photo copy

Thank you to Laurel for being prepared with her iPhone. I didn’t have my camera – gasp! 


  1. I was much the same w/ Cathy z - actually the first time i met her she hadn't yet inspired me [bc I didn't really know her style then] and it was SHe who initiated a ' What cute bag" comment to me at CKU Atlanta 06. But last year at Inspired dh and I got on the elevator and THERE. SHE. WAS. "Well hello Cathy Z" popped right out of my mouth as I introduced her to my husband and told her how much i loved her scrapbook style. She was great all through Inspired, always accessible and so fun and encouraging to everyone. Love her. I've been around Ali at a couple of CKUs and find her to be charming but in a much lower energy kind of way.So fun to hear you had a great time at Inspired!!


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