Okay, okay....I'll admit it.

I'm a geek.  Not in a techno way, by no means, but in a movie, sci-fi way.  I'm sorry to say I was a little embarrased about my weekend plans.  But I'm over it now.  I'll admit it freely :)  I went to Dragon*Con on Saturday.

I was completely unprepared for the massive number of people.  The event was held between 4 hotels, and I just read that they are estimating 30,000 people.  Yikes.  There were several times we just stalled out...stuck in a crowd of people.

I've been a fan of Firefly/Serenity for a long time, thanks to my brother.  And I had no idea how big the fan following was.  I actually missed the discussion panel.  I didn't know that people were standing in line all day and showed up just a few minutes before it started only to be turned away with hundreds of others.  Note to self for next year.

After it was all over, I realized I didn't see nearly as many stars as I wanted to.  For one, you have to pay for all autographs (I read that they were free in one room, but apparently, we never found the right room.).  And there were a couple that weren't at their designated signing area when we were in there. Another note for next year. Must stalk.  :) I also got realllly nervous when I thought I was going to talk to someone.  And almost walked out of the room.  I'm not normally terribly shy...but apparently if star-struck, I am.

Did discover something new.  Steampunk.  Probably the last person to know there is a name for it.  And realize now that I've seen several movies and shows that are steampunk, but never knew it was an actual movement.  So cool...gonna have to do some more research!

I could people watch for hours!

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