What do you get when you invite the girls over to scrapbook when one of those said girls is getting to be rather pregnant? A ScrapShower, of course! We changed up our location this time because Laurel is replacing her floors. I have to say it was rather nice to not have to pack up my stuff beforehand!

There were presents and cupcakes, lots of giggles, 20 minutes of serious tension (I swear it felt like 10 hours), a Wii break, and some major productivity! I was amazed that we got everyone packed into the room, even with space to spare! There was even enough room for the visiting doggie.

Ummm - seriously?  Is that not the cutest sweater onesie?  With sparkly buttons!!!  Jenni almost wouldn't let me hold it for fear I'd steal it away!

  Thanks girls for a wonderful day!


  1. I had a lot of fun! (And thank you for not showing any pics of me. ;D)

  2. Not fair! You need to photoshop in Misti. It was fun although you can't tell it by our studious expressions.


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