Glitter by Number

Have you seen these?  I stumbled on this box at the bottom of an endcap at my local craft store.

It comes with five little vials of glitter and four cards with different numbered areas.  Just like the old paint-by-number kits.  And the end result...

Super cute!  These photos just don't do them justice.  Amazing that about an hours worth of work created four really beautiful pieces of art.  I'm really impressed.

Now I just have to decide if I want to frame them all in one big frame or in individual ones.  These cards are 5x5, so I'm thinking they may fit in the Riba frames from Ikea.

I've looked and looked for a link for these online - and all I can find are newer Christmas ones.  I think these butterfly ones are way cuter.

If you do find them, please let us all know!


  1. Beautiful! I think you need to take it to the next step and glitterize Cosette.

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I have found different ones at my local craft store. The ones I have purchased are florals done in orange and brown tones. They are beautiful also. I would love to get me hands on some of the butterfly ones. Do you know if your craft store still has them?

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I recieved a box of theses in a floral pattern. During the recent blizzard in Chicago I had craft day with my daughter. She thought this was the neatest project. However I cant seem to locate any more.


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