Sorting Photos....Mom's Birthday

I sorted photos on Sunday.  And sorted and sorted.  It's definitely on the list of least favorite things to do, but when it's finished....I love it!  I like seeing the folders on my computer all lined up, perfectly labeled and in order.  Ah.

Anyhoo - I found some photos I don't think I've shared yet.  One of my good friends, Laurel, her mom Nancy and I went to Port St. Joe to visit another friend and to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  We had such a wonderful time with the exception of no internet connection, but we coped.   We were really able to cope since Lana (our friend who actually lives in PSJ) was able to secure a beautiful house on Cape San Blas.  One side of the house was on the Bay and you could look out the windows on the other side and see the ocean.  It was beautiful. 

Laurel and Mom desperately searching for a internet connection

Mom and Nancy (Nana to those she's adopted - and there are many of us!)

Beautiful sunset I somehow managed to capture while messing around with camera settings!

Part of our view.

A feast fit for kings!

More beach!

I don't have much beach the clean, clear water here was a delight for me!

Sand art!

Please excuse the wonky formatting - I can't get it right to save my life!!!

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