Dearest Scrapbook Industry Creatives

Dearest Scrapbook Industry Creatives,

I love you. With all of my heart. Without you I wouldn’t have a creative outlet (at least not one as fun as scrapbooking). I wouldn’t have patterned paper, or cardstock, or buttons, ribbon, tags, mist, alcohol inks, stamps, embossing powder and a slew of embellishments that are crazy creative and fun!

There is just one small problem. I’ve been making scrapbook layouts for a long time. So there are a bunch of them. And supposedly they are supposed to be displayed in albums. But, I can’t find one I like. I’ve tried every kind out there. Post bound, three-ring, the one recommended by my most favorite famous scrapbooker (that one was actually the best so far, but it’s not perfect). How can we have 500 embellishments, but only 20 types of albums to show off our creations?

I love three ring albums, but when they are full, they are heavy, and when you pick them up, the page protectors holding the layouts sag out of the bottom. It’s frustrating. I want an three ring box binder like this one:

But in more fun colors, and not leatherette. Maybe fabric? Or leather that isn’t “poufy”. And big enough to hold more than ten layouts that are thicker (more 3D embellishments).

Would someone please create it for me? And preferably sell it somewhere I can use a 40% off coupon?

Your forever friend, and paper lover,


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