Thankful.  That's what I am this year.  It's so easy to become wrapped up in the daily craziness of life and only think about the things that are stressful, time-consuming or even sad.  I'm taking time this year, though, to truly take time to think about the things I'm thankful for.  
  • A wonderful, peaceful place to call home that is all my own
  • Family near and far, but more near than far these days
  • Friends who become family and who stand in the gap every day
  • Time and opportunity to be creative, with more and more opportunities arriving daily
  • Health that is improving
  • A job that is secure and challenging
When I look at this list, I can't help but realize these things are really all a person needs.  Yes, I'd love more money, a big house and less work, but really, if I don't have those things, life is still good. Very good.

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