The Beginning of Christmas

Am I the only one who is so stinkin' excited for Christmas to arrive then Thanksgiving hits and you are caught unprepared?  Somehow that happened again this year for me.  I had so many grand intentions for this first week in December.  And then life got in the way. 

In a good way, though, I'm learning to just let things go.  To take the pressure (mostly pressure I create for myself) off and learn to embrace and enjoy the moment without the weight of "I intended to do this and this, but failed" and "I should have....".  Life is a lot more fun this way.  :)  

So, the first week of December showed up and I celebrated with the White Christmas movie lovin' Misti and the "I'm so tired of watching this movie every year and listening to you and Misti quote every.single.line" Laurel.  We watched Christmas movies, went to see Breaking Dawn, made take and bake cookies, and became addicted to playing Spite & Malice.  Laurel even snuck in time to work on her Christmas cards. 

I didn't take many photos, and the two I did take turned out horribly, but who cares.  It's the memories that matter.  Here's my teeny tiny tree...with no tree skirt.  Maybe next year.  Or next week.  We'll see.

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