Can't Find a Thing

I had a layout all picked out to share today, but I can't find the photograph to save my life!  This kind of thing drives me  I think my brain is too full!

So, instead I'll post this photo from 1998 when I visited India.  We visited the Taj Mahal and have just recently realized that it is literally fading from the picture.  This photo was taken on a very clear day and it certainly wasn't foggy as it appears now.  This is a great example of how necessary it is to preserve your photos!  Get on it!

Please excuse the crazy hair.  And general lack of posture.  At least I was smiling.  This was the first full day of our trip.  My whole idea of life and humanity had already been completely destroyed in the short bus ride from our hotel to the Taj.

I've been thinking about India a lot lately.  Probably because I got to share a little about the trip with a group of girlfriends recently.  Wondering if I'll ever have the courage to go back.  There is a tiny, hidden place in my heart that will forever be held by India and those that call her home.

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