Happy Friday and Mother Dear

Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. What about you?
The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy.  And when I say extremely, I mean insanely.  But I’m not complaining…because I’ve been doing fun, exciting things. Times like these remind me of how truly thankful I am for new opportunities and the time and even the funds to branch out a little.  So, here’s a little list.  Since just a couple of days before Memorial Day I’ve:
·         Spent a wonderful couple of days with my Mom, including a delicious long lunch on a vacation day.
·         Had a crafty day with friends at my house – probably by far the most relaxing/fun/crafty day I’ve had in a long time.
·         Went to see Battleship
·         A barbecue with my two Aunts – grown up time – relaxing and enjoying a new puppy.
·         A cookout with my besties and their kids.  Sitting outside on their newly remodeled porch and it was so cool outside it was almost cold!
·         Attended my small group end of year bash.  I’m amazed every time I am with the women in our group.  And even though I’ve not been able to attend for a while, it was like I never missed!
·         Attended an all-day dance workshop (say what?) and survived. 
·         Had lunch with my stand-in Mom and other bestie
·         Girl’s night at Sage….on a weeknight!
·         Took eight dance classes
·         Went to two fun dances

In the next few weeks...
·         Headed to a bucket list restaurant for dinner with my favorite “foody”
·         Another crafty day with the girls
·         Going to see Snow White and the Huntsmen
·         Taking a couple of days off of work next week
·         Planning a quick trip to Chicago in July
·         Planning to attend another dance conference in September
 Wowsa.  I’m having fun!

Oh - and today I'm posting over on the Scrap n' Art blog!

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