Happy Birthday Allen!

It's my brother's birthday today. 

My crazy, older (old enough to be my dad), roller skating, rc car racing, pumpkin pie eating, brother.  Without getting entirely mushy, he's made an effort to be my brother...not just someone distant (considering our eighteen year age difference).  He makes me laugh a lot...we find the same things funny.  He sometimes makes me cry (cause I love him much and I hate it if he isn't happy).  He reminds me of our dad (and that I'd like to think we both get our crazy sense of humor from him).  He's pretty handy - I've never seen  him take on a project that he didn't finish and finish well.  And I'm glad he's home, instead of in the far off land of Australia. 

Happy birthday, bubba!

created for Scrap n' Art's June issue

**We have another brother, Henry.  Here they both the their probably handmade, freshly starched and ironed, matching outfits (our mom is awesome like that).  :)

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