Loving Monday

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays, as I'm sure most of you do.  Today, however, I'm trying to embrace the "love" part!
  • Loving that the air is cooler.
  • Loving that I got to spend some quality time with my momma yesterday (if quality means having a Restaurant Impossible marathon while each of lounged, interspersed with a yummy breakfast, chili making and peas and okra eating)
  • Loving that I've finally been able to make a few decisions about what my priorities are/should be
  • Loving CSI and what the future holds!
  • Loving that I was able to shop with one of my besties for clothes, and actually find a few things that I liked (I'm am not a clothes shopper)
  • Loving that I got to see my other two besties and their families for a birthday shindig
 Loving this card (one of my favorites so far this year)

created for Scrap n' Art's July issue

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