Monday Lovin'

Mondays.  Not always my favorite day of the week.  So, I'm on a quest to talk myself out of the Monday blues into the Monday thankfuls.  And so, we begin :)

  1. Lovin' the fall weather. I kept the windows and doors open as much as possible this past weekend.
  2. Lovin' that I ended up with an impromptu night with my bestie and her littlest.
  3. Lovin' that even in such a short period of time we manage to get down to the nitty gritty conversations that aren't always pleasant, but oh so necessary.
  4. Lovin' that I got a big reminder that just have to keep hopin' and prayin'
  5. Lovin' that the holidays are almost upon us!
What are you lovin' today?

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