Monday Lovin' - Bloom Market Edition

Lovin' today.  Had a wonderful Friday and Saturday at Bloom Market!  Kerri (our organizer) was fantastic, the location at The Tannery in Buford was inviting and funky cool, and the sale itself was super successful!

Those two days went by so quickly, especially since we had so many friends visit us throughout the day!  For all of you who came out to support us, here's a big THANK YOU!  You made my day.

Please excuse the iPhone pics - I forgot my real camera!

My first ever table display.  I'm really happy with how it turned out!  I learned a lot, especially ideas for making it a bit easier on myself for next time!

Here's Jane (Janie Jane's on Etsy), my partner in crime!  It made all the difference having a friend nearby.  We tend to be a little cray-cray together :)  but we managed to control ourselves the majority of the time.  I won't mention our behavior after coffee and cupcakes on Friday night! :)  I love her!

Seriously considering listing the remaining few items on Etsy.  Should I?

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