A2013: Project Life...ish.

So, I thought I'd give Project Life a try this year.  Well, my version of it, anyway.  I love the idea behind Project Life, but very quickly got overwhelmed when I started thinking about the planning, orchestrating and actual doing of it for an entire year.  So much so I almost threw the towel in before I even started :)

But then I started thinking about all of the little things that happen in life that I don't ever get to record...and so it began.  Instead of a big 12x12 book, I'm using the Studio Calico handbook that I purchased at my local store Altered Angel along with a mix of different styles of the Handbook page protectors.

Here's my cover.  Covered in my favorite spray mists, Thickers and wood veneer.  All lovely.

I got a little hung up on how to photograph this thing...and so I'm sure the photos will evolve as this year continues.  Bear with me.

One of my favorite little pages ever.  I wish you could really see it, but that little phrase is so ombre it's ridiculous.  I was impressed with myself :)

I really dislike this little chevron bag - thingy.  But I made myself keep going.  And I needed a place to hide my "resolutions".

And I started with New Year's Eve...because I wanted to remember what I did. 

How I feel about Adventures 2013 (A2013) so far:  To be honest, I'm extremely uncomfortable with it right now.  It feels disjointed and inconsistent.  I'm missing my typical "I know right what I want to do and how it's supposed to look" feeling.  Really missing it.  To the point of not even wanting to post what I've done so far.   It's funny how a 12x12 page doesn't intimidate me at all, but a 3x4 slot leaves me feeling rather helpless. :)  It'll get better.  I'm trying to think of it as a way to force myself out of my comfort zone.  Consider it done already.

More pages to come, I'm pretty current, with the exception of last week, which will be interesting because I realized I ended up with no photos.  But I have lots to say, so journaling will be the way to go.

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