Here's another new layout - a far departure from my usual style.  Sometimes doing something a little differently is a good reminder that my style is my style for a reason (even if it evolves occasionally).  And doing something different is a good push as far as inspiration goes. 
I'm also learning that while I am a huge (huge!) fan of Studio Calico products and kits, I am not a fan of the die-cuts they include in the kits almost every month.  I used quite a few of them in this layout (arrows, journaling and octagon) and I find them lacking.  I think, really, it's that they are too many of them and that they are included almost every month, makes it worse.  I sometimes force myself to use them and then dislike the result.  So, I either have to make a decision to not use them, or find another kit (sob).  Just another random thing I think about :)


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