Digging: That it's cool enough to wear a cozy sweater in the office.

Not Digging: That it's not just cool, it's downright freezing and I need my cozy sweater, a space heater and a cup of coffee to remain sane.

Drinking: Full sugar ginger ale.  It's taking me back down memory lane...I used to drink one every single day with lunch in high school.

Eating:  Nothing right this second, but leftovers for dinner.  Need to get back to cleaner eating.  More vegetables, less meat.  It's next on the agenda.

Watching: Big Brother!  I think I'll look forward to watching it every summer it's on.

Wearing: More skirts/dresses than I've ever worn before.  I think I currently own four dresses and two skirts.  It's a world record.

Reading: Nothing, nada, zip, zilch.  I'm going to change that this weekend.  I've been missing my books.

Feeling: A tad overwhelmed.  And not quite myself.  But still happy.

Weather:  The sun is shining in my little corner - but off in the distance I see thunder clouds.  We've had the weirdest weather.  It's cool and raining all.of.the.time.  In August.

Wanting: Crafty time.  Lots and lots of crafty time.  And a nap.  Yep - I'll take those two things.

Needing: To focus.

Thinking: About plans for the rest of the year.  It's coming up fast!  And there are definite plans.  A weekend trip to the mountains, a visit with my mom, a concert. 

Loving: So, there's this boy...

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