Oh Life

Do you know about Oh Life?  I can't for the life of me (pun completely intended) remember where I heard about it, but I looooove it!  Basically, it's an online journal.  Once you register, you receive an email each evening asking how your day went.  And you just click reply, type away and then click send.  Your thoughts are saved automatically and can be viewed on their site.  It's completely private and no one else has access to it. 

I've never been a huge journaling girl.  But typing out an email (don't ask about the time I typed a ton of not so pleasant things in an email to my bestie, never intending to actually send it to her, and then clicked send instead of save....whoops) is right up my alley. 

So, I take a couple of seconds and write out a little note - sometimes it's simple, sometimes it's a full blown vent, emotional moment or clearing of my mind.  And it helps me record memories.  I know I have Facebook and Instagram, but at this point in my life...there are some things I'm not completely ready to share.  But I want to record it. 

Here are a couple of "shareable" snippets from the site. 

Even better, I can refer back to these entries when it's time to scrapbook!  What about you?  How do you journal?

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