#30Lists: This is the only time of year I...

I'm joining in  over at 30 days of lists for the December challenge.  Today's prompt?

This is the only time of year I...
  1. Listen to Christmas music (I completely forgot it was time until this afternoon)
  2. Kinda obsess about gift giving.  There were so many years I couldn't really afford to give gifts.  While I'm still definitely on a budget, I can totally give.  And finding the perfect gift for someone makes my day! 
  3. This time of year I obsess about gifts, but I obsess about the gift wrapping even more.  I usually know how I'm going to wrap the gift before I find the gift.
  4. I think in "number of days".  Today marks 22 days until Christmas!
  5. Actually think about gifts I'd like to receive.  I even started a Pinterest board with things that are entirely too expensive for anyone...but it's fun to document what I'd love to get if money weren't an issue.

So far, I'm loving these lists!

And here's what I listed to this afternoon!

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