Sicky McSickerson

So - I've been silent here because I've been Sicky McSickerson.  Like nasty, unable to function and never-ending sick.  Luckily, I think I've turned the corner and while I haven't been back to work (and won't at least for tomorrow because of the snowstorm), mentally, I'm getting there.

My mom arrived for a pre-planned visit and it was just what I needed.  To not be stuck and alone in my house is a big thing after so many days of sickness.  And so happy to have understanding bosses who genuinely want me to be well and let me work from home.

I'm really craving some creative time - but am not quite up to sitting up and working.  Hopefully by this weekend.

Everyone stay safe and warm over the next couple of days - it looks like it's going to be rather nasty here in Atlanta.

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