Christmas in August

Well, it’s official. Mom is coming to the US for Christmas! I am so excited. As much as I hate for her to have to make the sometimes draining trip, the idea of me not having to make that trip is wonderful. I’ll happily travel to Europe next time! I’m doubly excited because Cirque du Soleil - Corteo will be in Atlanta during Christmas and Mom and I will be going! I can’t wait for both events! Hmmm – it may be time to get out the day counter. If Mom arrives on the 22nd then only 119 days till I see my Momma!

The weekend is fast approaching and it just can’t be soon enough. I’m going to spend tomorrow afternoon at Aunt Paula’s getting her kitchen cabinets organized, then going home and trying to get things together for our monthly crop at Archiver’s. Even if I’m not terribly productive – I’m excited to just spend the day with the girls.

Speaking of productivity, I have noticed lately that I’m not nearly productive as I should be in the scrapbooking department. I can’t figure it out. I used to just speed through stuff, and now I’ll sit and look at the same layout for what seems like hours. It’s frustrating, but hopefully I will be able to overcome and mark a bunch of things off of my to-do list on Saturday.

Here’s the cover page to my Italy album. Please excuse the weird border. I took the photo on top of a Container Store bag and for some reason I can't seem to crop it out. I'm working on it :)

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