It's official, I'm 28

I’m officially 28. Not such a hard birthday to handle. It’s definitely different. Not that 28 is different than 27, but the birthday itself is different. I feel more grown up – but, just when I think I am so the grown up girl, I get a little sad talking to Mom and realizing that she is all the way across the ocean and won’t be here today to give me a birthday hug. And Allen, too.
Oh well, c'est la vie. I know I am loved…and I guess that is all that important!
Mom did bring up a good point today, maybe I should share a day like today with someone who is less fortunate than I am. I totally hesitated when she said that. I don’t know if I am that big of a person. It’s definitely something to think about – and somewhere to grow in the next year.
I had a wonderful time with Lisa, Misti, Jane, Laurel, Nancy, Terri, Paula and Aveline at Old Towne Tavern and Grille in Lawrenceville on Saturday! The food was actually really yummy and definitely not your typical tavern food. Then off to see Step Up at the movie theater. I loved the movie! Totally cheesy acting, but any movie that makes you want to dance in your seat is fun for me. I think it’s gonna replace Center Stage as the dance movie in my collection.
I am so thankful to be surrounded by such a loving, accepting and fun having group of girls. It’s nice to be accepted for the crazy girl that you are – and still have friends. Granted, I have to love them for the crazy girls that they are too – hehehehe.
By the way – for those of you reading about the birthday party – if you have pictures, send them my way. I’d like to post them for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I promise not to crop myself out of every single one of them.
Church on Sunday, then home to (unfortunately) veg. I totally should have been scrapbooking, but I just couldn’t seem to get myself off of the couch. So, that means Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are scrapbooking nights.
Tomorrow night is our company softball game – GO HOT LIPPED TURTLEHEADS!!!! (how we got our name is a story for another day). I guess coach (moi) needs to get her act together and get the lineup figured out.
Going over to Michael and Lisa's for dinner - I sorta invited myself so I wouldn't go home alone tonight. Nothing like quality time with Victoria, Floppy and my good friends. Oh and cupcakes - see picture above. I went to the store for birthday cupcakes for my office. They are so yummy. Gotta love Publix!
Hmmm – I must be feeling French as that’s two references to the language today. What’s up with that???
Au revoir for now!

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