I just ordered some of the new ‘Bohemia’ paper from My Minds Eye. I am sooooo excited. Here’s a link to the website I ordered it from if you want to see what it looks like. I’ve been waiting to get this paper for quite a while, so my brain is spinning with ideas of what to do with. The website was completely sold out, but I sent an email to the owner and she very graciously told me it was available again before emailing everyone on her list. How wonderful is that!?!

Mom and I are gearing up our holiday plans. The big question is whether she will come to the states or if I will go to Germany. Obviously, I would love for her to come here…but so would everyone else. I would have to share her with everyone! I promise I say that with a smile and not in a mean way. I swear!!!! If I go there, it will be very peaceful and quiet. It’s a serious dilemma. I’ve put in my vacation request regardless. It seems like such a long way, but it really isn’t. Less than 130 days!

So, Misti has forwarded birthday party pictures to me – I’ll post a couple even though I absolutely hate pictures of myself. They do have to be edited a bit, first, so if I get a chance tonight I’ll do it. Maybe I can edit myself completely out of them all (rubbing hands and cackling).

I guess that’s it for now – oh wait – the Hot Lipped Turtleheads played valiantly last night – but unfortunately did not win. The final score was 4 to 16. The sad part is that we were supposed to win that game. The other team was doing worse than us in the standings. Oh well.

Tata for now!


  1. I ordered some too! Gotta love 3SB! Come sign onto the message board and mention me chica! We are having a huge fun contest in September so the DT GALS are having a contest on inviting people! So, mention me when you sign in on the board! BTW, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY and WOWZERS on your PRE-BIRTHDAY Gift! Your blog is a ROCKING, now!

  2. BTW, I am going to miss scrapping with you gals this month! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  3. You go right ahead and crop yourself out of every photo... I have a blog too, remember? And I'm not afraid to use it!(cackling louder than you!)

  4. Laurel1:12 AM

    I just bought a boat load of it at the Memories store. Got the 10% off and this weekend an additional 5% off the total.


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