Coming to you from the land of purple polka dot glasses...

If I have to wear these things…I’m gonna have fun. I’m on a mission to find the funkiest, craziest reading glasses I can find. That’s what you get when you tell a twenty-something that they have the wear things that they shouldn’t have to wear until they are fifty-something. The two newest pair (all having purple in them – which is her favorite color) are courtesy of my boss, Paula. All I need now is a pair of “rar” glasses (picture me with my hand up like a lion paw).

Worked on Cindy’s save the date card today – here’s the final draft. It may change some more, as her printing company is being a bit obstinate. They had a really cute idea to have their photo taken under these street signs - an intersection of their two last names! We had to do some serious photoshop work since vandals had somehow burned about 1/2 of the Stewart sign.

More Big Brother: All Stars tonight! I am so excited. I usually have small group on Thursdays, but it’s been cancelled this week, so I actually get to see the live eviction….live. Novel, I know. I’m obsessed with this show, so it’s a good thing it’s on 3 days a week so I can get my fix.

More later!


  1. Very cool glasses! And great job on Cindy's save the date card. Like Aveline said, you have a graphic designer lurking inside you. ;o)

  2. allen (yes the brother)12:48 PM

    "shouldn’t have to wear until they are fifty-something"

    I have to wear them, and I am not fifty something!

  3. Yep, I am a BB junkie too! Loved last night, except for Howie getting evicted! Janelle needs to go and that CHILL TOWN is driving me nuts....the DOCTOR is an EGO tripper for sure!


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