Shopaholics Anonymous

Went shopping with the ladies on Saturday. Talk about shoppers! We left no stone unturned and no shop unshopped :) Went to breakfast at IHop then headed to the GA 400 outlets. I'm sure there is some official name for them, but I can't remember right now. We hit Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, Lane Bryant, Jones New York Sport, Jones New York, Elizabeth, etc, etc, etc with a couple of shoe stores thrown in. Then another Lane Bryant in Cumming after we left the outlets. Then dinner at Outback. Let's just say I was worn out! I did find 6 shirts and a denim jacket...but no pants. Zip, nada. What a disappointment, but I will prevail! I was so hoping to find everything I needed in one day. I should have known better. :)

Friday night Laurel and I went to Aunt Paula and Don's band concert. They were actually pretty good! Their entire band is made up of people over the age of 50. I totally appreciated the drive and fun that these guys seemed to be having. I can only hope that I have as much passion and fun about something when I am their age. It's definitely something to think about. Here are our proud band members....

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a pretty productive shopping day, sorry you didn't find any pants though. ;o(


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