It’s raining men, hallelujah, it’s raining men……

Got your attention, didn’t it? Hehehe. Actually it’s not raining men – just raining raindrops. We’re getting a teeny, tiny, random piece of Hurricane Ernesto so it’s been storming on and off all day. Rainy days equal sleepy days. I’ve just brewed a cup of Vietnamese coffee and am hoping that it works and gets me all caffeinated for the rest of the day and evening.

It’s a three day weekend this weekend and boy am I looking forward to it. I don’t really have any big plans except to scrapbook on Sunday. As for the other days I’m going to scrapbook, work on the moving to-do list, sleep and relax. I may even go to the library and get a couple of books. Counting the hours….

Thursday nights are small group nights. I go to a very large church and it would be really easy to just be swallowed up into this nameless mass of people who attend. Small groups are a way to help that and we somehow manage to form our very own little community.

When the time came to choose a group, I went to the meeting with the express purpose of joining a singles group. When the groups were introduced, there were two for singles, one for college age and one for middle aged. I didn’t really fall into either one of those categories, so I opted for a all women’s group. The funniest part was how I chose which women’s group I would join. Basically, I asked which one was closest to the highway! You see, Crossroads is in Buford, I live in Sandy Springs – that’s about a 45 minute drive, minimum. It actually takes me at least an hour to get to church on Sundays. There is no small group that meets close to my house, so my goal was to get the group closest to the highway so I could just zip home after it’s over. Somehow, it all worked out and I ended up in a group full of wonderful women, all of whom I feel a great connection to. The strange thing is that I would have probably never met them at church if we weren’t in small group together. So – that’s a long story to say what I’m doing tonight. :)

23 hours till the weekend!

Here’s an older layout of the cards Mom collected during her senior year of her graduating class.

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  1. Where are you moving? When are you moving? ~ How nice to have your Mom come Stateside for Christmas. I cannot wait to crop with you gals this month!


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