Tuesday Blues...

It’s only Tuesday :( For some reason this week is really dragging….

I have been busily making my to- do list for moving and it just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. For some strange reason the idea of moving is invigorating to me. I guess it may have to do with having never lived in a house that our family owned. For my entire life, we’ve just been renters. So, about every 3 years or so, we would move. Not that it is a bad thing. Think of all of the fresh starts you get when you move and how much stuff you get to clean and throw out. Hence, my very long to-do list. That’s okay though, when it is all done, it will feel so nice.

Mom is leaving for Malta to visit her Moldovan friends tomorrow. I’m a little bit jealous. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Is it bad that I had to look on map to figure out where exactly Malta is? Geography definitely isn’t my strongest area.

Oh – and she had officially joined the blog club. She just couldn’t handle the pressure of Allen and I being bloggers :) Check it out at

Here’s an older layout. I know I need to put newer ones up, but some of the submissions I am working on have stipulations that the layouts have never been posted online, so I’m having to save a few until I hear whether I have been accepted or not. They’ll get posted eventually.

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